Basic Training (CBT)



Compulsory BasicMOTORBIKESpik1 Training (CBT) is a mandatory course that all riders are required by law to successfully complete before riding a machine up to 125cc unaccompanied on the public road.

At United Motorcycle Advanced Training we run CBT courses every Saturday at Britannia House, Caerphilly Business Park, Van Rd, Caerphilly CF83 3GG and every Sunday at CMC, Queensway Meadow Industrial Estate, Newport, NP19 4SP.

A CBT course in Caerphilly will start at 9am and finish at 4pm, or CBT in Newport starts at 8am and will normally finish at 3pm. In the summer evening courses can also be arranged with prior appointment. Generally, CBT can be achieved in one day or two sessions (Off-road and on-road element) but is not a guaranteed pass.


The course is broken down into five elements, a summary of each element is as follows:

Element A – Driving Licence check & Eyesight test, discuss the aim of CBT and clothing and equipment.

Element B – Introduction to the controls, how they work, basic maintenance checks, use of stands, wheeling the machine around, starting and stopping the engine.

Element C – Practical riding on an approved site away from public access. You will be taught how to move off and stop, change gear, stop in an emergency, correct rear observation, U-Turns, ride in a figure of eight, ride slowly and negotiate left & right turns.

Element D – Before leaving the CBT site and going out onto the public road you will have a theory lesson with your instructor who will cover a variety of points in relation to practical on-road riding. Some of the points covered will include the highway code, legal requirements, defensive riding, vulnerability on a motorcycle and hazard perception.

Element E – This is the practical on-road phase where you will go onto the public road for a minimum of two hours riding whilst under radio communication with your instructor. The instructor will explain and demonstrate the correct procedures to negotiate roundabouts, junctions, bends, pedestrian crossings, obstructions, traffic lights, U-Turns and emergency stops. Throughout the On-road phase, you will be stopped to discuss. There will be short breaks with discussion periods and ultimately the session will end with the instructor following the student to confirm the individual has learned how to ride safely.




After successfully completing the CBT your instructor will issue a DL196, CBT Certificate, The certificate will be valid for 2 years. You are restricted to riding a 125cc machine with L plates, not permitted to ride on motorways or carry a passenger.

Car drivers who hold a full category B license prior to the 1 February 2001 do not require a CBT certificate if they only wish to ride a machine up to 50cc as they automatically hold an unconditional full moped license.

Car drivers who pass their test on or after 1 February 2001 must hold a CBT certificate to validate their full moped entitlement. In this instance provided the individual only rides a 50cc machine, the certificate will be valid for the life of the license (normally until the 70th Birthday) but you will need a CBT certificate to be able to ride a 125cc motorcycle.