Module 2


The module 2 road riding test will take place in Newport around a variety of road and traffic conditions. Unlike the old test there will be no requirement for the rider to complete the U-turn, emergency stop or slow ride as these now form part of the module 1 test.

Start of test

The candidate must produce to the examiner both parts of their driving licence with a provisional category A entitlement, a theory test pass certificate, DL196 CBT certificate and a module 1 pass certificate.

The candidate will then be required to carry out an eyesight test where the rider will need to read a number plate with letters 79.4 mm high at a minimum distance of 20 metres (approximately 66 feet).

Before going out onto the public road the examiner will ask the rider various road safety questions relating to the machine.

The road ride

The examiner will explain how directions will be given and check the radio equipment which he will give you is in good working order. You will then be directed around a route by the examiner who will follow either on a motorcycle, or sometimes in a car.

You can expect the route will be a mixture of urban, rural and dual carriageway riding. Speed limits will vary from 20 mph in the built up areas and potentially up to 70 mph on the dual carriageways.

During the road ride you will also be asked to carryout a number of normal stops, plus hill and angle starts. The road riding section of the test will last at least 30 minutes. Finally at the end of the test you will be asked a question about situations which could affect the balance of your machine.